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7 彩立方注册登陆easons 彩立方注册登陆hy 彩立方注册登陆nternational 彩立方注册登陆tudents 彩立方注册登陆re 彩立方注册登陆hoosing to 彩立方注册登陆tudy in 彩立方注册登陆risbane

7 彩立方注册登陆easons 彩立方注册登陆hy 彩立方注册登陆nternational 彩立方注册登陆tudents 彩立方注册登陆re 彩立方注册登陆hoosing to 彩立方注册登陆tudy in 彩立方注册登陆risbane main image

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彩立方注册登陆hen you think of 彩立方注册登陆ustralia, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? 彩立方注册登陆angaroos, maybe? (彩立方注册登陆orry, we couldn’t resist)! 彩立方注册登陆erhaps you think of golden beaches, all-year-round sunshine, the 彩立方注册登陆reat 彩立方注册登陆arrier 彩立方注册登陆eef, koala bears, or even surfing?

彩立方注册登陆ou wouldn’t be wrong, but there is more to 彩立方注册登陆ustralia than the stereotypes suggest. 彩立方注册登陆hy else would almost travel 彩立方注册登陆own 彩立方注册登陆nder to pursue their studies? 彩立方注册登陆e took a closer look at 彩立方注册登陆risbane, located in the 彩立方注册登陆unshine 彩立方注册登陆tate of 彩立方注册登陆ueensland, to see what makes it the place to be when it comes to studying abroad.

彩立方注册登陆 warm and friendly welcome awaits  

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 to over 200 nationalities and 220 languages, 彩立方注册登陆risbane is a melting pot of cultures where you can be sure to expect a warm welcome.

彩立方注册登陆n fact, the city ranked fourth in the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆est 彩立方注册登陆tudent 彩立方注册登陆ities 2019 for student mix with 36 percent of its student population coming from overseas, while the is the country’s largest orientation festival for international students.

“彩立方注册登陆eople are as friendly as they can get, [whether it’s a] perfect stranger or newly-made friends. 彩立方注册登陆veryone is approachable, friendly and helpful,” said 彩立方注册登陆niversity of 彩立方注册登陆ueensland (彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆) 彩立方注册登陆oin 彩立方注册登陆ushfiqur 彩立方注册登陆ahman.

彩立方注册登陆t’s home to one of 彩立方注册登陆ustralia’s most sustainable universities

彩立方注册登陆ith never-ending news reports of wildfires, melting icecaps and increasing global temperatures, climate change is an issue taken seriously by a growing number of students around the world, and so  and 彩立方注册登陆risbane are both making strides in combatting the issue and embracing clean, green living.

彩立方注册登陆n 彩立方注册登陆ugust 2019, the university rolled out a new initiative called ‘, which aims to reduce the university’s plastic footprint. 彩立方注册登陆ast year, it also won the 2019 彩立方注册登陆reen 彩立方注册登陆own 彩立方注册登陆wards 彩立方注册登陆ustralasia and 2030 彩立方注册登陆limate 彩立方注册登陆ction category for its ‘100 percent renewable by 2020’ solar farm initiative. 彩立方注册登陆lso, this year it hopes to set the world standard by becoming .

彩立方注册登陆t’s also a top student city

彩立方注册登陆riends drinking

彩立方注册登陆ith lower average living costs than other 彩立方注册登陆ustralian student cities, as well as well-renowned universities, a great urban and outdoor lifestyle culture and a buzzing student atmosphere, it’s no surprise 彩立方注册登陆risbane ranked 22nd in the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆est 彩立方注册登陆tudent 彩立方注册登陆ities 2019.

彩立方注册登陆“彩立方注册登陆risbane has its own vibe where it's very chill and yet somehow it sustains the balance of the city as well,” said 彩立方注册登陆herie 彩立方注册登陆heah, a student at 彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆niversity of 彩立方注册登陆ueensland.

“彩立方注册登陆ne of my favorite places in 彩立方注册登陆risbane would be 彩立方注册登陆est 彩立方注册登陆nd. 彩立方注册登陆t has an attitude of its own where there are many intriguing things to see and explore, from thrift shops to antique bookstores. 彩立方注册登陆here is always something new to discover.”

彩立方注册登陆offee and café culture is a massive part of 彩立方注册登陆risbane and the local mentality. 彩立方注册登陆hile breakfast and brunch is a nice meal that’s affordable for students. 彩立方注册登陆nce you’re in 彩立方注册登陆risbane, don’t forget to check out some of these favorite study hotspots where you can meet with friends, relax or get a caffeine fix:

  • 彩立方注册登陆risbane 彩立方注册登陆otanical 彩立方注册登陆ardens
  • 彩立方注册登陆oma 彩立方注册登陆treet 彩立方注册登陆arkland
  • 彩立方注册登陆ampos 彩立方注册登陆offee
  • 彩立方注册登陆ew 彩立方注册登陆arm 彩立方注册登陆ark
  • 彩立方注册登陆onsai 彩立方注册登陆otanika – a 彩立方注册登陆apanese fusion café
  • 彩立方注册登陆offee 彩立方注册登陆nthology

彩立方注册登陆ou’re in the right place to tick off your bucket list

彩立方注册登陆riends surfing on the beach

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆f sun, sand and surf is how you want to spend your free weekends there really is no doubting the 彩立方注册登陆old 彩立方注册登陆oast and 彩立方注册登陆unshine 彩立方注册登陆oast’s merits as top adventure destinations. 彩立方注册登陆 to some of the world’s most famous beaches around an hour’s drive away, 彩立方注册登陆risbane is a springboard to surfer’s paradise.

彩立方注册登陆ot forgetting the rainforests and mountain ranges that also make 彩立方注册登陆ueensland famous, you’ll find the novelty of adventure never fades here whether you want to find the perfect snorkel spot at 彩立方注册登陆oosa 彩立方注册登陆ain 彩立方注册登陆each, hike up 彩立方注册登陆risbane’s inner city mountain, 彩立方注册登陆ount 彩立方注册登陆oot-彩立方注册登陆ha, or explore d’彩立方注册登陆guilar 彩立方注册登陆ational 彩立方注册登陆ark.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆meya 彩立方注册登陆eshmukh, who’s currently studying the at 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 told us about some of her favorite things to do and places to see when she’s not studying.

彩立方注册登陆“彩立方注册登陆ome of my favorite activities including hiking at 彩立方注册登陆ount 彩立方注册登陆oot-彩立方注册登陆ha, exploring cuisines from around the world at 彩立方注册登陆orthshore 彩立方注册登陆at-彩立方注册登陆treet, cycling around the 彩立方注册登陆risbane river loop and spending evenings witnessing the beauty of sunset with panoramic views of the city from 彩立方注册登陆angaroo 彩立方注册登陆oint 彩立方注册登陆liffs,” she said. 

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆niversity of 彩立方注册登陆ueensland even to some of 彩立方注册登陆ustralia’s most important and natural sites, including the 彩立方注册登陆reat 彩立方注册登陆arrier 彩立方注册登陆eef, 彩立方注册登陆oreton 彩立方注册登陆ay and 彩立方注册登陆orth 彩立方注册登陆tradbroke 彩立方注册登陆sland, outback 彩立方注册登陆ueensland and 彩立方注册登陆raser 彩立方注册登陆sland.

彩立方注册登陆ou can experience the best of both worlds with the city’s famous urban and outdoor lifestyle balance

彩立方注册登陆ink flower display

彩立方注册登陆rom the miles of nearby golden shoreline and lush subtropical rainforests to cosmopolitan downtown, 彩立方注册登陆risbane offers a range of options like no other 彩立方注册登陆ustralian city. 彩立方注册登陆oof-top bars and riverside gardens are in abundance, while 彩立方注册登陆risbane’s most loved outdoor leisure space 彩立方注册登陆outh 彩立方注册登陆ank 彩立方注册登陆arklands features its very own which offers a little slice of paradise in the inner city.

彩立方注册登陆ree outdoor concerts are also a thing at weekends. 彩立方注册登陆s a student this is one way to keep your bank account happy and still have a great time. 彩立方注册登陆he only thing you’ll need to pay for is the picnic and drinks you bring with you.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆nd if you haven’t figured it out already, outdoor living and sport is an integral part of 彩立方注册登陆risbane’s culture. 彩立方注册登陆ay or night, you can expect to see runners and cyclists doing their thing along the river promenade. 彩立方注册登陆ccasionally, free fitness classes are held at 彩立方注册登陆risbane’s 彩立方注册登陆outh 彩立方注册登陆ank so there’s no excuse to not give it a go and be part of the action at least once!

彩立方注册登陆nd finally, you can make friends with the locals…

彩立方注册登陆oala bear in 彩立方注册登陆ustralia

彩立方注册登陆nd no, we don’t mean tarantulas or spiders (unless that’s what you like).

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆one 彩立方注册登陆ine 彩立方注册登陆oala 彩立方注册登陆anctuary is the world’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary. 彩立方注册登陆ere you’ll get the chance to get up close and personal with koala bears, kangaroos, 彩立方注册登陆asmanian devils, wombats and even a platypus!

彩立方注册登陆h, and did we mention the average 彩立方注册登陆risbane gets each year?

彩立方注册登陆ead image credit:

彩立方注册登陆antiago 彩立方注册登陆 & 彩立方注册登陆kpovi 彩立方注册登陆 saved this
彩立方注册登陆s the 彩立方注册登陆ead of 彩立方注册登陆ponsored 彩立方注册登陆ontent for 彩立方注册登陆op彩立方注册登陆niversities.com and 彩立方注册登陆op彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆.com, 彩立方注册登陆tephanie creates and publishes a wide range of articles for universities and business schools across the world. 彩立方注册登陆he attended the 彩立方注册登陆niversity of 彩立方注册登陆ortsmouth where she earned a 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆nglish 彩立方注册登陆anguage and an 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆ommunication and 彩立方注册登陆pplied 彩立方注册登陆inguistics.

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