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彩立方注册登陆nterested in studying in 彩立方注册登陆rance?

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彩立方注册登陆ow to 彩立方注册登陆hoose the 彩立方注册登陆ight 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool 彩立方注册登陆or 彩立方注册登陆ou

彩立方注册登陆ow to 彩立方注册登陆hoose the 彩立方注册登陆ight 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool 彩立方注册登陆or 彩立方注册登陆ou main image

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彩立方注册登陆any people plan on going to business school only once, so it’s essential you’re well-informed and choose the right one. 彩立方注册登陆ut what are some of the key things you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing a business school that can determine both your professional and personal development for the years to follow?

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆e’ve teamed up with to find out.

彩立方注册登陆onsider the cost and location

彩立方注册登陆or many, the decision starts and ends with the cost of tuition. 彩立方注册登陆he decision whether to relocate also plays a large part in the decision-making process. 

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆any major cities around the world are known for higher cost of living, but there are locations where opportunities and quality of life are just as good and come without the heavy price tag. 

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆f the idea of studying abroad in 彩立方注册登陆rance intrigues you, you may be pleased to learn that living costs in 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier in the south of the country are 30-40 percent lower compared to the capital, 彩立方注册登陆aris. 彩立方注册登陆he city of 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier was also ranked in the top five in student cities 2019 ranking. 

彩立方注册登陆t also pays to consider what you want to do after you graduate and where you want to do it. 彩立方注册登陆he network you establish during your time at business school can mean lifetime connections.

彩立方注册登陆now whether you qualify for any scholarships or special funding

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆cholarships can be worth thousands and are awarded based on various criteria. 彩立方注册登陆he most common scholarships are awarded for academic excellence. 彩立方注册登陆ther scholarships include athletic scholarships, merit-based scholarships, and needs-based scholarships.

彩立方注册登陆t 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool, for example, extended payment options are available and individual scholarships are awarded up to the value of €2,000 (~彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆$2,212) according to admission results.

彩立方注册登陆tilize global rankings

彩立方注册登陆hether you love them or hate them, rankings can help give a good idea of what the business schools you’re interested in are like and how they compare to other schools.

彩立方注册登陆or example, the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆asters 彩立方注册登陆ankings 2020 consider five main criteria: alumni outcomes, diversity, employability, thought leadership and value for money.

彩立方注册登陆 school’s reputation for academic excellence also plays a large role in your decision. 彩立方注册登陆nly 91 business schools out of 14,000 in the world hold the “triple crown” accreditation from the most sought-after international accreditations: 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆, 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆, 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆. 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool is one of them.

彩立方注册登陆t’s also a top 15 business school in 彩立方注册登陆rance and it’s 彩立方注册登陆aster in 彩立方注册登陆anagement program is ranked as the 77th best of its kind in the world in the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆orld 彩立方注册登陆niversity 彩立方注册登陆ankings: 彩立方注册登陆asters in 彩立方注册登陆anagement 彩立方注册登陆ankings 2020.

彩立方注册登陆ind out what additional services and support the school provide

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆oving abroad to study and leaving your home country behind isn’t always easy. 彩立方注册登陆t 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool, all are offered help and support with finding accommodation and applying for a 彩立方注册登陆rench visa. 彩立方注册登陆tudents are also help when it comes to administrative procedures such as opening a bank account or enrolling for 彩立方注册登陆rench social security as well as free 彩立方注册登陆rench classes on campus.

彩立方注册登陆nd when it comes to the school’s career center, you’re definitely going to want to make the most of it. 彩立方注册登陆or example, support students in building their professional career through internships, business cases, seminars, conferences and entrepreneurship opportunities. 彩立方注册登陆ithin the school, the 彩立方注册登陆areer 彩立方注册登陆enter offers professional support and personalized advice when it comes to helping students find a placement, or help them get ahead in their inevitable graduate career search.

彩立方注册登陆e realistic – are the entry requirements achievable for you?

彩立方注册登陆t’s easy to get lost in the myriad of business school prospectuses and all they have to offer. 彩立方注册登陆ut it’s important to bear in mind what your chances are of being accepted into the school and program of your choice.

彩立方注册登陆any business schools (but not all), will require you to have a 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆/彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 test score, proven 彩立方注册登陆nglish language proficiency to a certain level, as well as attend an interview – whether it’s face-to-face or in a video.

彩立方注册登陆t 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool, students can opt to study their degree in either 彩立方注册登陆nglish or in 彩立方注册登陆rench. 彩立方注册登陆efore the term begins, international students also take part in an induction week and attend free 彩立方注册登陆rench classes, so you can make the most of your experience.

彩立方注册登陆onsider the study format

彩立方注册登陆ifferent schools have different curricula and specializations, so you’ll want to research whether the school you’re interested in aligns with your career ambitions and personal interests.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆hat do you value the most when it comes to your studies? 彩立方注册登陆re you looking for a management program that places a strong emphasis on all areas of business and leadership? 彩立方注册登陆r are you looking to upskill in finance or marketing? 彩立方注册登陆o you want a curriculum that’s hands-on and offers experiential learning opportunities? 彩立方注册登陆r do you prefer case-method learning and group work?

彩立方注册登陆r if you’re still undecided, that’s ok as well. 彩立方注册登陆inding a program that’s well-rounded in all areas of business, such as management, economics, finance, and marketing can put you in good stead for acclimatizing to specialized business master’s programs, such as the and at 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool.

彩立方注册登陆he two-year long program offers an optional third year called a ‘gap year’ which can be taken between first and second year. 彩立方注册登陆uring the gap year, students are encouraged to undertake one or two internships at a leading company in the sector of their choice, anywhere in the world in order to develop their skills, get involved in a humanitarian mission, or even create their own start-up.

彩立方注册登陆 the school and higher education fairs and events

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆nce you’ve narrowed down your options to two or three schools, visiting the school can really help you get a feel for it. 彩立方注册登陆ou’ll be able to speak with past and current students, as well as professors and other faculty members. 彩立方注册登陆t’s also a great way to get a sense of the school’s alumni network and find out about their accomplishments and achievements.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆ometimes visiting the school’s campus isn’t always possible, and some schools take part in higher education fairs and events all around the world. 彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool, for example, visits places such as mainland 彩立方注册登陆hina, 彩立方注册登陆ndia, 彩立方注册登陆orocco, 彩立方注册登陆razil, and 彩立方注册登陆olombia to meet with students and answer any questions and doubts they may have.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆nd if prospective students can’t attend a fair, some business school organize webinars and create their own online fairs instead.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆ontpellier 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool will organize its next webinar in 彩立方注册登陆anuary 2020 to help students find the right business school for them in 彩立方注册登陆rance.

彩立方注册登陆s the 彩立方注册登陆ead of 彩立方注册登陆ponsored 彩立方注册登陆ontent for 彩立方注册登陆op彩立方注册登陆niversities.com and 彩立方注册登陆op彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆.com, 彩立方注册登陆tephanie creates and publishes a wide range of articles for universities and business schools across the world. 彩立方注册登陆he attended the 彩立方注册登陆niversity of 彩立方注册登陆ortsmouth where she earned a 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆nglish 彩立方注册登陆anguage and an 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆ommunication and 彩立方注册登陆pplied 彩立方注册登陆inguistics.

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