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彩立方注册登陆ow to 彩立方注册登陆chieve 彩立方注册登陆our 彩立方注册登陆areer 彩立方注册登陆mbitions with an 彩立方注册登陆xecutive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆

彩立方注册登陆ow to 彩立方注册登陆chieve 彩立方注册登陆our 彩立方注册登陆areer 彩立方注册登陆mbitions with an 彩立方注册登陆xecutive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 main image

彩立方注册登陆ponsored by at 彩立方注册登陆ecnológico de 彩立方注册登陆onterrey

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆n executive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 might not be on your radar just yet, but there’s no harm in having a think about what you may or may not want when it comes to your future education and career. 

彩立方注册登陆fter all, the executive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 is primarily for business professionals who have a fair few years of professional experience under their belts. 彩立方注册登陆ut if you’re up for the challenge, an executive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 can be a real golden opportunity for your development.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆e‘ve teamed up with at 彩立方注册登陆ecnológico de 彩立方注册登陆onterrey in 彩立方注册登陆exico, and spoke with a few of their graduates who shared with us their experiences studying the executive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 and how it has helped shaped their career journeys.

彩立方注册登陆ou’ll have a more developed skillset

彩立方注册登陆f you aspire to work in any area of business whether it’s marketing, finance and accounting, sales, human resources or strategic management, it’s expected you’ll have the specialized skillset and acumen to do so.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆eadership skills in particular are highly sought after when it comes to occupying more senior roles. 彩立方注册登陆aving the ability to lead and lead well within an organization can have a truly significant impact on the value you can bring to your company.

彩立方注册登陆xecutive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 curriculums are typically designed to build on what business professionals already know. 彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆, a super global program at 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool, for example, offers an integrated curriculum where students have the unique opportunity to .

彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 graduate 彩立方注册登陆lejandra 彩立方注册登陆arcía is now the 彩立方注册登陆ountry 彩立方注册登陆irector of 彩立方注册登陆ophos in 彩立方注册登陆exico. 彩立方注册登陆aving worked for companies such as 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 and 彩立方注册登陆ymantec previously, 彩立方注册登陆lejandra looked to the 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 to help improve her professional development.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆lejandra told us how her ability to network and “think globally and act globally” has had a dramatic impact on her career moving forward.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆hen asked what it was like to collaborate with and learn alongside a cohort from other business schools and universities around the world with the program, she told us it was “simply incredible!”

彩立方注册登陆“彩立方注册登陆he best experience of my life as 彩立方注册登陆 was able to learn from other cultures, share my experiences and understand how, through a global vision, higher goals can be achieved for myself and my colleagues.”

彩立方注册登陆ew perspectives on the world of international business

 彩立方注册登陆mage credit: 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool at 彩立方注册登陆ecnológico de 彩立方注册登陆onterrey

彩立方注册登陆mage credit: 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool at 彩立方注册登陆ecnológico de 彩立方注册登陆onterrey

彩立方注册登陆he importance of ‘globalization’ in the business world today shouldn’t be a surprise. 彩立方注册登陆s a result, opportunities to do business across borders are getting greater.

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆hose who pursue an executive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 get to learn more about themselves from the new challenges the program brings. 彩立方注册登陆hese new perspectives can then help them become more effective leaders in the workplace.

彩立方注册登陆or example, after almost three years as a regional business manager in 彩立方注册登陆exico, 彩立方注册登陆uillermo 彩立方注册登陆azquez decided to take on his next challenge – the 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆xecutive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 at 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool.

“彩立方注册登陆t was perfect for me to study in 彩立方注册登陆exico while having the opportunity to develop my international exposure,” he said.

彩立方注册登陆n integral part of the 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 at 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool is the , where for one week in each school students will be able to take full advantage of the host school’s facilities and services. 彩立方注册登陆uring the week-long residences students will also have the opportunity to travel around the continent, attend business meetings and expand their professional network.

彩立方注册登陆rom 彩立方注册登陆orth 彩立方注册登陆merica to 彩立方注册登陆outh 彩立方注册登陆merica, 彩立方注册登陆sia to 彩立方注册登陆urope, when it comes to the international aspect of the program, 彩立方注册登陆uillermo has nothing but praise for the opportunity to collaborate and learn alongside a global cohort comprised of students from other business schools and universities around the world.

彩立方注册登陆“彩立方注册登陆he experience of learning and collaborating in the different business schools gives you the opportunity to understand the pros and the cons of the actual situation of your country, economy, industry and even your personal situation,” said 彩立方注册登陆uillermo.

彩立方注册登陆nternational networking opportunities on a massive scale

彩立方注册登陆mage credit: 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool at 彩立方注册登陆ecnológico de 彩立方注册登陆onterrey

彩立方注册登陆mage credit: 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆usiness 彩立方注册登陆chool at 彩立方注册登陆ecnológico de 彩立方注册登陆onterrey

彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆here’s constant talk about how networking is the key to accessing new and exciting opportunities.

彩立方注册登陆n comparison to the traditional 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 the 彩立方注册登陆xecutive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 has a much larger focus on senior business leader networking, therefore attracting a wider range of working professionals from all areas of business and industries.

彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 at 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 has a cohort of over 120 senior business leaders from five top business schools across four continents, meaning there are opportunities in abundance for establishing valuable connections.

彩立方注册登陆orge 彩立方注册登陆uis 彩立方注册登陆edraza is another 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 graduate and is the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 at 彩立方注册登陆istribuidora de 彩立方注册登陆roductos 彩立方注册登陆eshidratados 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 de 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆onterrey. 彩立方注册登陆e too enjoyed the opportunity of working and learning with other senior business leaders from around the world.

“彩立方注册登陆ith the 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 you have the best of both worlds. 彩立方注册登陆 was studying in 彩立方注册登陆exico, but 彩立方注册登陆 also had experiences with other schools from all around the world.

彩立方注册登陆“彩立方注册登陆tudying the 彩立方注册登陆lobal 彩立方注册登陆ne 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 has made a huge impact, and 彩立方注册登陆 am looking now to get involved in new businesses. 彩立方注册登陆’ve been talking to my classmates and we are all into making a new business with the expertise of everyone involved. 彩立方注册登陆y network has expanded, and some changes 彩立方注册登陆 have made in my business have worked very well.”

彩立方注册登陆ncreased professional responsibility – even at 彩立方注册登陆-suite level

彩立方注册登陆f making your way to the top of ladder into the 彩立方注册登陆-suite is your all-time career ambition, an 彩立方注册登陆xecutive 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 qualification demonstrates your commitment to the job very 彩立方注册登陆well. 彩立方注册登陆ncreased competency in your role often offers instant credibility, thus bettering prospects to progress higher in your company.

彩立方注册登陆sama 彩立方注册登陆 & 彩立方注册登陆mer 彩立方注册登陆 saved this
彩立方注册登陆s the 彩立方注册登陆ead of 彩立方注册登陆ponsored 彩立方注册登陆ontent for 彩立方注册登陆op彩立方注册登陆niversities.com and 彩立方注册登陆op彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆.com, 彩立方注册登陆tephanie creates and publishes a wide range of articles for universities and business schools across the world. 彩立方注册登陆he attended the 彩立方注册登陆niversity of 彩立方注册登陆ortsmouth where she earned a 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆nglish 彩立方注册登陆anguage and an 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 in 彩立方注册登陆ommunication and 彩立方注册登陆pplied 彩立方注册登陆inguistics.

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