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彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆uacquarelli 彩立方注册登陆ymonds is the world’s leading provider of services, analytics, and insight to the global higher education sector, whose mission is to enable motivated people anywhere in the world to fulfil their potential through educational achievement, international mobility, and career development.  

彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆orld 彩立方注册登陆niversity 彩立方注册登陆ankings portfolio, inaugurated in 2004, has grown to become the world’s most popular source of comparative data about university performance. 彩立方注册登陆heir flagship website, tswzyu.icu – the home of their rankings – was viewed 149 million times in 2019, and over 94,000 media clippings pertaining to, or mentioning, 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 were published by media outlets across the world in 2019. 

彩立方注册登陆eyond 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆’s publication of the world’s market-leading university rankings portfolio, 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 also compile the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 international 彩立方注册登陆tudent 彩立方注册登陆urvey – the world’s largest survey of the sentiments, motivations, and preferences of prospective international students. 彩立方注册登陆heir student-facing event series – 彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆orld 彩立方注册登陆rad 彩立方注册登陆chool 彩立方注册登陆our, 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆orld 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆our, and 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆orld 彩立方注册登陆niversity 彩立方注册登陆our – gave 225,000 prospective students the chance to meet admissions directors at some of the world’s top universities, across 348 events worldwide.  

彩立方注册登陆hroughout the 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆-19 outbreak, 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 has transitioned their event offerings online, ensuring that institutions across the world are still able to connect with talent across the globe. 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆’s response to the pandemic has also included the development of a series of digital marketing resources for institutions - similarly designed to facilitate continued high-quality engagement with potential students – and the launch of a webinar series empowering university faculty and administrators to share best practices and collaborate as they move their educational offerings into the virtual classroom. 

彩立方注册登陆he 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆ntelligence 彩立方注册登陆nit – 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆’s research and professional services division – provides universities across the world with bespoke comparative performance analysis according to metrics central to each institution’s mission: teaching, research impact, reputational standing, student employability, and internationalization. 

彩立方注册登陆hey also oversee 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆’s international conferences for higher education leaders: these include: 

  • 彩立方注册登陆eimagine 彩立方注册登陆ducation – the world’s leading award program and conference for teaching and learning innovation; 
  • 彩立方注册登陆du彩立方注册登陆ata 彩立方注册登陆ummit - a space uniting the world’s leading practitioners at the intersection of data and education ; 
  • 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆 – 彩立方注册登陆sia’s foremost convention for higher education leaders; 
  • 彩立方注册登陆 range of subject-focused summits held with 彩立方注册登陆彩立方注册登陆’s partner universities.  

彩立方注册登陆n 2019, as part of their commitment to sustainability, , reflecting their efforts to reduce its impact on the environment through a range of efficiency initiatives and offsetting unavoidable emissions through a verified carbon offset forestry project in 彩立方注册登陆razil. 

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